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New Wednesday Night Study

New Wednesday Night Study

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The youth ministry at Dixie Baptist Church provides the chance for junior high and high school students to fellowship with each other and adult leaders in our church while learning to follow Jesus and become more like him. We are focused on a discipleship process meant to foster right affections, beliefs, and actions in the lives of young people. 

If you would like to receive more information about events going on in our youth group you can contact the church office or visit our DBC Youth Facebook page

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Every institution has a purpose and a desired outcome. At DBC we want youth to know and love Jesus, becoming ever more like him in obedience. The Climb is a discipleship challenge that we’ve launched in 2019 as a focal point of our youth ministry. We are challenging youth to take ownership of their faith and follow hard after Jesus by engaging in four main areas that we believe are representative of Christian obedience:
1. Participation/Attendance
2. Outreach/Evangelism
3. Education/Training
4. Service/Leadership.
Each of these actually blends two complementary skills, two sides of the same coin.

The Climb is broken up into six phases and each of these has three “legs.” Our desire is that youth will be challenged more and more as they grow in faith and obedience, so the phases and legs increase in difficulty. The process will be intrinsically rewarding and other rewards unlock with advancement. Climbers will receive recognition before the church, free passes to grab-a-bite-nite events, and gift cards as well as qualifying for special trips and events.


weekly Cycle

606 on Wednesday Night

At 6:06 each Wednesday night we seek to engage students' hearts in activities, Bible study, and discussion led by trained staff and volunteers. Our goal is to help students develop a love for God and people that reflects Jesus' own heart.

Sunday School

Sunday school is an opportunity for youth to be part of deeper Bible study and fellowship. Our teachers are
prepared to ask questions and guide students to discover timeless truths in Scripture. Our goal is to challenge students to think seriously about their beliefs and align them increasingly with Jesus' own mind.

Sunday Night Training

Our youth participate in a variety of activities on Sunday nights at 5:00. Normally they will train or do other things related to the “Climb” discipleship challenge outlined on this page.


Office: (601) 583-9392